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If you're looking for ideas, Our Bead Challenge is your Inspiration! 

As one place to look for inspiration, each month we offer a Bead Challenge.  The focal piece is chosen by Janine, you create your unique design, and when you bring it into the shop, you get a $5 coupon just for sharing with all of us.
Step out of your box... let your creativity go wild ... and be inspired!

 ~ Click on the image to take a closer look at these challenges ~

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?! - September & October Bead Challenge 

September & October 2017

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?

Show us your football bling and score at Bead & Body!
Share on our Challenge board and receive a $5 store credit coupon.

Super Duos - Two Holes, Too Much Fun! 

August 2017
Two Holes!  Too Much Fun!

Use two hole beads in a design and share it on our Board.  Receive a $5 Coupon for store credit, just for sharing.
New Duo Colors -- New Two Hole Shapes -- Stop by Bead & Body and see!

Bead & Body with Yakima Symphony for their annual Gala Fundraiser. 

Somewhere in Time...

Join in our current Bead Challenge Collaboration with Yakima Symphony Orchestra. YSO will choose two pieces to include in their annual Gala Fundraiser event and auction. This year's theme is Somewhere in Time...

More info

The winners receive a pair of tickets to Sports Orchestrated, Die Fledermaus fully staged opera and the Pinnacle - Beethoven's 9th!

Deadline for Submission to Bead & Body:
April 17, 2017

Hearts To You - January & February Bead Challenge at Bead & Body 

 Hearts to You!

January & February Bead Challenge is Hearts. Spread some love and share with us for a $5 store coupon.


Safety & Solidarity - Winter Challenge 2016 

Following the "Brexit" vote, many people in the UK took up wearing the safety pin to show their solidarity with refugees and immigrants - so that without a word, people may see your safety pin and know that you are a friendly face... that they are "safe" with you.

"This movement has been started in the US also, to show support and care for ALL people, regardless of race, religion, gender, orientation, or whom they choose to love... to help combat racism, intolerance, hate, and bigotry.

Stop by and pick up your free Safety Pin then share your "Safe" Safety Pin design. This challenge is just for sharing.  Pins available at no cost but $5 in store coupon does not apply this time.

Fall/Winter 2016 Bead Challenge 

Fall & Winter Bead Challenge - Trade Beads

Trade beads are fun, colorful and can be inspirational for new designs. Stop by and see some customer designs using Trade beads from Melody's recent trunk show of some of your own. Then share your piece on our board and receive a $5 coupon... just for sharing!



Go Seahawks!!


Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?

Seahawks Pre-season Staarts August 13, 2016 at the Kansas City Chiefs, in Kansas City. Get your Seahawks fan spirit ready.

August & September Bead Challenge is SEAHAWKS


Bead Challenge for Summer 2016 - Beach Jewelry

Summer 2016 -- Beach Jewelry!

What reminds you of the Beach?

What would you wear for a walk on the beach?

Let's see it!

Flowers - April & May Challenge

April & May Challenge
Beads are blooming into


 2016 YSO and Bead & Body Collaboration

Next Challenge, Yakima Symphony Orchestra and Bead & Body Collaboration 2016 -- Theme: The World of Shakespeare AND/OR Music of the Spheres.

Lucy & Sid

 Carved Jade balls

January & February Challenge... Carved Jade balls

Remember the point of this challenge is to think outside of the box, use your imagination and design skills. Purchase one of these carved Jade balls then when you bring back to share, get $5 gift coupon. Win, Win.

Winter 2015 Challenge - Holiday Jewelry

Winter 2015/2016

Holiday Jewelry

Share your favorite Holiday jewelry for a $5 Store Credit... just for sharing! ( Of course, if you need to wear it to that special event, we understand if you take it back a little early.)




 September / October 2015

Are you ready for some Football!!! Show your Seahawks Spirit with your favorite Blue and Green bling.


July & August 2015 Bead Challenge

July / August 2015

Jewelry with a Patriotic Theme

Celebrate our freedom! (But in your own way, of course!) 

Beautiful designs -- Click on the image to take a closer look.

Yakima Symphony Orchestry Fundraiser!  

 March / April 2015
 - Something a little Different -
Fundraiser for Yakima Symphony Orchestra

Using Van Gogh's Starry Night painting as inspiration, create a piece (or two) that could be chosen for YSO's April 10th Silent Action (so be prepared to donate this one).  Entries for judging by YSO must be to Bead & Body by April 4th.

You still receive a $5 shop credit for sharing and the designer of the winning piece receives two tickets to the YSO's Pops concert, April 25th and/or Classical Concert, May 16th.  

 Have fun with this one!!!!!

 January & February 2015 challenge

January / February 2015
Southwestern theme 

In honor of Janine's trip to Tuscan for their annual Trade Show in February, we've taken on a Southwestern theme to start the year off.  Show us your favorite and share on our challenge board for a $5 store credit coupon. 

Be sure to stop by when she returns to see what great new treasures she found there!

 Holiday Jewelry Challenge -- October, November & December 2014

October / November / December 2014
Holiday Jewelry 

From Creepy Crawly to Sparkle & Bling.  What do you like to wear or give as gifts in the holiday season?


 Repurposed, Recycled, & Remade - August & September 2014 Challenge.

August / September 2014   Repurposed, Recycled, & Remade

Look around you, think outside the box, use your imagination, and repurpose your find from its former life into something wearable.  Create a necklace, bracelet, earrings or some other form of wearable art and share it with us.

And don't forget to have fun!!!!

Thanks to: Alice, Susan, Jean, Lynn, Lucy, Karen, Janine, Lynda, & Sid!

 Bead Challenge - June & July 2014

June / July 2014   Resin Beads

Dip your toes into the ocean, hunt for shells on the beach, or transport yourself there everyday you wear these wonderful resin shells, sea creatures, turtles, and starfish. 

Are you a gardener?--We also have new flowers and leaves.
Out of Africa? -- Hippos, Elephants.  
Let your imagination go free! 


April & May Bead Challenge - 2014

April / May 2014   Bracelets!

Yay! Spring is finally here!  See the sunshine, be inspired, think new colors for a new season, then put it all together in a bracelet.  That's your Challenge for April & May.

 Don't forget, you receive a $5 Store credit... just for sharing!


 Congratulations April!

Congratulations April - You've got a gift certificate from Bead & Body for your wonderful earring challenge winning design.

January / February 2014

Earrings!  Any earrings, any size, any beads! If it can hang from your ear, it counts as earrings!

This Challenge was a little different... customers voted on their favorite design # with a $15 gift certificate as a prize for the most votes.

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